• 【Quality Material】: The handmade aesthetic candles are made of quality natural soy candle, which is safe to use, they are reliable, practical, and fragrnant to use, without bad smell; In addition, these candles also can help people relax and soothe their mood.
    • 【Body Shaped Design】: These bathroom soy candles are designed with the shape of female model body, which are chic and beautiful for you to decorate your room, making your room full of the aesthetic feeling; And they can also attract the attention of most people.
    • 【Pleasant Scents】: The scented candles have 2 kinds of fragrances, which can last for a long time; When your rooms give off bad smell, you can light one to add fragrance to the air; Before you go to bed, you can also light one, so that you can go to sleep with fragrance.
    • 【Decoration Addition】: The handmade aesthetic candles are novel in shapes, in addition to being served as candles, you can also put them in your bedroom, study, bathroom, living room and other places for decoration to add a sense of design to your rooms.

    2pcs Body Soy Wax Female Body Shaped Candles

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