• Feature:
      - The soy candle is made of high quality cotton thread candle wick, no black smoke when burning.
      - Before burning, trim the sculpture candle wick to 6-8 mm to avoid excessively long candle wicks. Store the candle in an environment of 15-20 degrees Celsius to avoid direct sunlight and exposure.
      - That well-designed girl body candles are ideal to be sent to friends and families on their birthday, wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day to show your love and care, scented and attractive wax candles are nice for bedroom aesthetic decorations.

      Product category: soy wax decorative candle
      Material: soy wax
      Colour: Creamy White
      Candle Size: 10x10x16cm
      Weight: 0.33kg

      Package includes:
      1 x body candle

      Safety instructions:
      1.Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.
      2.This candle is a scented candle, and some simulated candles are very similar to food.
      3.Please do not move the candle easily with your hands during the burning process, be careful that the candle tears will burn your hands.
      4.Due to the shape, the candle is easy to shed tears. It is recommended that you use it with candle pads or trays, do not burn directly on the cloth surface, so as not to stain the cloth with candle tears mesa.

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    Female Body Shaped Soy Wax Candle

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